Tips for Home Improvements: From Hiring Professionals to Tackling It Yourself

Whether or not a project is a DIY’er or better left for the professionals entirely depends on the type of project, your quality expectations for the job, and how much confidence you have in your own abilities.

Let’s say the right man for the job isn’t you. Your first decision is figuring out what type of contractor to hire. Utilize all sources of research. Online reviews are not the end all be all of finding the right person for the job. Ask around your community. See what your friends and neighbors have to say about a specific contractor. Enlist the help of your Facebook community.

Once you’ve found someone you think is good for the job, your work is not done. Find two or three more. It’s vital to get multiple quotes on a single project. Not only can you use them as leverage to negotiate a better final price, but you’ll be able to determine if the contractor is on the up and up. If a contractor refuses to give you a solid estimate, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Finally, once you’ve decided on someone, do a deep dive into their work history.

Keep in mind safety when doing your own home improvement projects. The Family Handyman has good advice when it comes to DIY safety, from wearing the proper attire to using power tools.